Google Home - How to set up devolo Home Control

Google Home set-up

  1. Remove the Google Home device from its packaging and, using the included mini USB cable, connect it to the mains supply.
  2. Download and open the Google Home app.
  3. Ensure that you are signed in to the Google Home app with your desired Google e-mail address.
  4. Follow the app instructions in order to complete the set-up of your Google Home device.

To connect Google Home to devolo Home Control

  1. Start the Google Home app.
  2. Touch the menu symbol         .
  3. Select the Home control.
  4. On the Devices tab, touch the plus icon.
  5. Under Add new service select devolo.
  6. In the following dialog, enter your username and the corresponding password in my devolo to create a link to Google Home. Your username and password will not be provided to Google. It is simply to create a link between both user accounts.
  7. Google Home collects the controllable properties and devices of your devolo Home Control installation. These are now available for voice command using Google Home.


Note: Integrated devices already assigned to a room can also be assigned to other rooms. Simply define a new room in the ROOMS tab using the plus icon. Assign the desired Home Control device to the new room. It is automatically removed from the previous room.

Note: Google does not yet support a transfer of room names set up by your devolo Home Control.

Google Home – assigning nicknames to smart home devices

Would you like to control the lamps connected to your devolo Smart Metering Plug conveniently with a voice command without always saying "Smart Metering Plug"? Simply assign the Home Control product a nickname.

This is how you should proceed:

  1. Start the Google Home app.
  2. Click/touch the menu symbol         .
  3. Select the Home control.
  4. In the Devices tab, click/touch the device you wish to assign a nickname.
  5. Under Nickname enter the desired device name, e.g. "Lamp", and confirm with OK.

The lamp connected to the devolo Smart Metering Plug can now be controlled using the command "Hey Google, turn on the lamp".

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