devolo Home Control and Philips Hue® lighting control now integrated

Experience perfect lighting design

Lighting has a substantial influence on our well-being and even our health. The smart lighting control from Philips Hue® lets you configure the best ambiance in light in your own home with ease, flexibility and maximum convenience - from floor lamps to LED light strips and popular Philips Hue® light bulbs.

This lighting can be switched on and off, dimmed or have its colour changed using mydevolo, with automated time control settings and rules, or just by operating the wall switch.

Lighting controls with devolo Home Control

While it's true that Philips Hue® already offers a variety of functions such as incremental brightness control as a pleasant wake-up option, combining it with devolo Home Control adds even more possibilities. Components such as door/window contacts, motion sensors and devolo Home Control time control settings can be used to switch the lighting on and off automatically. Philips Hue® lamps can also function as supplementary visual alarms. For example, if a smoke alarm is activated, all Hue® lamps are automatically turned on to light the escape route. Even room temperature visualisation is available in 16 million different shades of colour. All of these features can be operated remotely from anywhere in the world using the mydevolo app.

New options with Philips Hue®

devolo Home Control opens up a whole world of new possibilities to owners of Philips Hue® systems. This expansion works seamlessly and is extremely convenient. Philips Hue® can be integrated into a devolo Home Control system in just a few clicks - from colour selection to pre-set lighting ambiance. This allows you to introduce useful and convenient improvements into many facets of your daily life.

  • The lighting adapts to your individual preferences and the time of day.
  • Frequently used settings such as "TV" or "Wake-up alarm" are stored and can be activated at the touch of a button at my devolo or via a time control setting.

You can do even more

  • Intelligent presence simulations provide additional security against unwanted visitors.

Furthermore, the combination of Philips Hue® and devolo Home Control reduces energy consumption. Intelligent rules and time control settings ensure that lamps that are not required at a given moment are simply switched off.

A strong team: smart lighting design and smart home

You control all important Philips Hue® light bulb functions like colour, brightness and more using the Philips Hue® Bridge with devolo Home Control. Other Philips Hue® components like light switches will continue to operate normally. The devolo Home Control Starter Pack offers an optimal starting point for a smart home automation system with a central unit, Door/Window Contact and Smart Metering Plug. Additional devolo Home Control components designed for the security, energy savings and convenience areas are available online or at retail stores. In order to integrate Philips Hue® components into devolo Home Control, the Philips Hue® Bridge must already be installed with the corresponding lighting.

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